Adam’s Co. for Technical Solutions
Technology with Adam Co. is different.

Established in Istanbul 2016, provided its leading services at all levels to its customers in both Turkey and the Arabian Gulf, and is still constantly expanding.

Adam’s Co. for Technical Solutions
Integrated development of the most important criteria for our success strategy

Adam’s Co. for Technical Solutions

Licensed in Turkey under no. 921355, on ‎02-05-2014
Adam’s company provides the best services and programs in the field of business and service automation, strives to employ the technical solutions, advanced software in corporate service for global technology investment available to optimize and save time and effort to get results, and integrated reporting to management decisions and correct results.

Planning: Study the client’s request and preliminary analysis of the requirements to gain access to requirements definition, which will be contracted based on document.
Analysis: After which a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and system design schemes and selection of different techniques that will work accordingly.
Development:This stage is to build different software functions that the producer will depend upon.
Interface Design:In parallel with the previous phase is the construction of visual user interfaces, including the distribution of sections, colors and images, including increases ease of use of the product.
Proofing:testing all components including the functions and interfaces, to ensure product quality and ease of use.
Delivery:Product is delivered to the customer and technical support after the start stage to ensure the effective use of the product at its best.
Web design offers
School website design
Price by call
News website design
Price by call
Company website design
Price by call
Real estate website design
Price by call
E-shop website design
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Hosting Offers
Offer 1
100 GB storage hosting.
Unlimited data use.
100 contact mails.
Domain name is free for the first year.
one year
Offer 2
Unlimited data hosting.
Unlimited data use.
500 mail contacts.
Domain Name is free for the first year.
one year
Offer 3
Unlimited data hosting.
Unlimited data use.
Unlimited number of mail contacts.
Domain Name is free for the first year.
Digital certificate is free for the first year.
one year
Extra features
Adding the digital certificate for sensitive data, passwords, and credit card numbers for customers to protect.
one year
Website monitor and daily scan from malicious programs and protect it from hacking.
one year
Daily back-up version for the website as well as the database and files.
one year
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Abdulaziz Fahed
Tarek Alsabounie
Development manager
Ziad Alsabounie
Web Developer
Kenan Barad
Molham Alnajar
Graphic Designer
Amer Mahmoud
Shaalan Maamo
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Network System company
Abdulaziz Alhamoi : 0553652091
Abdulkani Aldabak : 0502599935
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