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News website design

Now, get a complete news website

Responsive design
We adopt a responsive design to take advantage of all kinds of possible means of communication.
Modern programming tools
We are keen to work with the latest programming tools and best techniques to deliver a worthy service to the customer.
Modern search engines support
We do all the experiments to all pages just to make sure of main search engines’ support.
Essential offer services

Possibility of adding articles with photos

Possibility of adding videos within the same article

Possibility of adding sub-divisions

Possibilities of adding a photo for each author on his/her article, some links for other articles, and see a list of articles and the author’s CV.

Possibility of making miscellaneous albums.


Events in photos.

Making miscellaneous video albums.

Possibility of adding newspaper or website supervisors.

Possibility of authorizing certain supervisors, for example: supervising a certain section.

Editing, deleting, or adding authorizations.

Adding or deleting supervisors.

Multi-sections advertisements adding on website.

Statistical system for the number of clicks on each article.

Statistical system for the appearance of each article.

Managing articles according to adding, editing, deleting, or moving.

Adding comments below articles, videos, images, or even news.

Possibility of deleting comments about any section.

Managing articles in each section.
Pattern for uploading articles, word documents, and images on the website.

Social media pages.

Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Google Plus.

Content sharing on all social media.

Specified bar for the last website tweets on Twitter.

Free space on the website for sharing with the websites’ page on Facebook.

Website map building to recognize global search engines excellently.

Website links compatibility with search engines.

Texts printing.

Articles or news easy printing access.

Texts maximizing and minimizing options.

Back-to-top buttons.

Specified bar for the most visits, comments, and sending messages.

Specified area for the latest news.

Latest updates.

Related news.

Specified area for the latest articles.

Specified space for latest videos.

Specified space for latest images.

Specified space for latest caricature.

Photo with comment.

Search engine within the website.

Subscription bar to Facebook page.

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Additional website options

English or any other language version establishing on demand 200$

Texts and images uploading on website rating 6 working hours 50$