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E-shop website design

E-shop interface: it is a special offer to manage an online store to display and sell goods, where we provide the best service to the owner of the store, through beautiful and simple products display that helps the customer find an easy way to reach the required product. All of that done through an integrated software package, specially prepared for this purpose.

We have used a professional interface and services in addition to using new technologies and ideas to promote for the E-shop.

Modern search engines support
We do all the experiments to all pages just to make sure of main search engines’ support.
Modern programming tools
We are keen to work with the latest programming tools and best techniques to deliver a worthy service to the customer.
Responsive design
We adopt a responsive design to take advantage of all kinds of possible means of communication.
Essential offer services

Professional design for the website’s homepage and other pages.

Professional website use of HTML files.

Professional use of JAVA and JQuery.

Stylistic movement technique that draws attention to the website.

Relying solely on programming in the synthesis of forms and colors of models that gives greater speed of the website.

Compatible software with all devices.

Slider for displaying Schweeppes in addition to quick details option (quick look) with each offer.

Slider for displaying partners, customers, and suppliers.

E-shop sections and products display programing model.

Product social sharing programming.

Product comparison programming: application + model / preferred and desired products Programming application + model.

Special programming and a number of characteristics for the website’s section homepage, such as:

1- Direct addition to the basket.
2- Direct addition to the comparison section.
3- Direct addition to the favorite.
4-Possibility of taking a glance on details.
5- Access to the product homepage.

Details quick look programming is a button that directly shows the product’s details on a pop-up page without the need neither to visit its page nor to leave it.

Product special programming includes:

1- All product’s details.
2- Big image for the product.
3- Adding more than one image.
4- Pop-up for enlarging the image.
5- Link for inquiry about the product.
6- Add product to the shopping basket.
7- Determining the quantity before adding.
8- Customers’ opinions about the product.
9- Related products’ special bar.

Purchase and exit page has been programmed to facilitate purchasing and allows the shopper to:

1- Optional buying and leaving as a visitor or by signing-up.
2- Choosing payment method.
3- Choosing delivery way.
4- Direct quantity editing before leaving the page.
5- Products’ offering through the basket if the shopper doesn’t want to buy.
6- Shopper sending notes directly to the manager from here.

E-shop division to an unlimited number of sections and subsections.

Adding unlimited number of products within each section and classifying them according to kinds.

Determination of taxes ratio according to country or product.

The possibility of developing multi-ways of payment, as well as multiple ways to charge to all directions.

Monitoring products’ quality and warning activation option when the inventory reaches its predetermined quantity.

Search engine works on Ajax technology in order to show results quickly with the ability to auto-complete the search words.

Control Panel

Easy and simple control panel.

Detailed and general explanation for the website control panel especially the E-shop.

Adding, deleting, or editing direct control of the E-shop sections.

Adding, deleting, editing, or products’ images upload direct and full control.

Full control of payment methods.

Full control of charging goods.

Determining taxes ratio on products and the possibility of taxes full or partly exemption.

Adding extra fields about the product to complete its general description.

Additional website options

English or any other language version establishing on demand: 200$

Texts and images uploading on website rating 6 working hours: 50$