Educational Centers Management


Communication, previously, between parents and school depended only on traditional ways that needs time and effort in addition to the great effort required to administer a school from its staff. Therefore, it has become very important to find flexible processes that facilitate administering a school, due to its important role in our life as well as our children in addition to the technological evolution, in its four main parts (administration, parents, students, and teachers).
Adam Educational System has been established to be a major element in administering all education fields taken into consideration all the details that serves education purposes in addition to time, effort and money saving.

System general description:

 This system aims at automating the work of all educational centers and schools and provides access among all departments since each one of the staff has a username and a password. This enables him/her communicates, observes, and works on all important data under authorities given by the administrator through a general and modern control panel works on a high security system and does a daily back-up for saving all data.

Abstract image as a logo, an apple.
System services:
مدير جديد
1-Manger services:
  1. Full knowledge of every teacher’s work at the school or center on daily basis.
  2. Full and continual monitoring of work of every employee (supervisors – social instructor – librarian – storekeeper… etc.)
  3. Students and parents’ data saving for communication facilities in case of anything new.
  4. Monitoring communication between parents and teachers and evaluating teachers’ responses with parents.
  5. Direct communication between the manager and parents at any time.
  6. Direct communication between the manager, on the one hand, and teachers and staff, on the other hand.
  7. Control facilities in the system (adding – editing)
  8. Blocking and giving authorities to every user according the policy of the education center.
  9. Easy and simple process for informing parents about (payments dates – trips – scientific activities – sports activities… etc.) by only one message.
  10. Watching assets, consuming, and the need for anything new.
  11. Full monitoring of school inventory (needs – stationery… etc.) and compensating shortages.
  12. Full monitoring of school library contents, shortages, borrowings, and even the required books.
  13. There are more than one way for finding and filtering all previous items to do full and detailed reports that serves work purposes.
  14. Full school transportation monitoring in addition to the students’ registration costs.
2-Parents services:
  1. Knowing student’s timetable on daily basis (late – absence – presence).
  2. Knowing student’s exams grades regularly.
  3. Knowing student’s daily homework.
  4. Knowing student’s level of participation and interaction.
  5. Knowing parents meeting dates at school.
  6. Direct and easy communication with teachers.
  7. Direct and easy communication with the manager.
  8. Direct and easy communication with supervisors and social instructors.
  9. Knowing school activity dates.
  10. Free choice of any activity or trip accepting or rejecting at school or others.
  11. Easy and simple way of telling school about student’s absence. 
خدمات الطلاب
3-students’ services:
  1. Acquaintance of daily timetable and any new edit.
  2. Acquaintance of exam results.
  3. Acquaintance of daily homework.
  4. Acquaintance of school activity schedule provided by administration.
  5. Acquaintance of total presence and absence days.
  6. Student’s ability of knowing available books, references, and dictionaries at the school library.
4-teachers’ services:
  1. Acquaintance of periods/sessions distributions and any edit from the administration.
  2. Acquaintance presence and absence details, leaves, as well as salary.
  3. Direct communication with parents about student’s (homework – his/her level – general notes… etc.).
  4. Direct and easy communication by a simple agenda that informs students about their daily homework and any urgent edit.
مدرس جديد
مكتبة جديد
5-librarian’s services:
  1. Full library contents archiving (books – references – dictionaries… etc.).
  2. Borrowing and returning books arrangements.
  3. Easy and simple communication with administration.
  4. Sending notifications for school meetings.
6-store keeper services:
  1. Full inventory archiving (Materials management and their ratings and current transfers).
  2. School assets management like curriculum and others.
  3. Easy and simple communication with administration.
  4. Sending notifications for school meetings.
  5. School assets management.
  6. Uniform distribution and management on students.
مستودع جديد
محاسبة جديد
7-accountant services:
  1. Organizing and managing students’ installments/payments.
  2. Easy and simple communication with administration.
  3. Sending notifications for school meetings.