Adam’s Hospital Management Program is a technical solution for short effort and time

The use of technology in the business has become useful for humanity to reduce the work and reduce the human effort. As smartphones spread and develop, hospitals and medical centers are looking for ways to make use of it to facilitate communication between doctors and nurses, organize patient data, help visitors move within different departments, and operation rooms to track how much blood patients lose.

What is a hospital management program?

The Hospital Management Program is an integrated and specialized system in the management of hospitals and medical centers in all their disciplines.

The benefit of using the hospital management program:

It is possible to follow all hospital departments such as administration, radiation, and operations. He also followed up the movement of the patient from the entry papers and the registration of his general data, and all the services provided to him by medicines and analyzes during his visit to the infantry. Treatment of patient accounts, hospital accounts, and medical accounts.

Functions performed by the Hospital Management Program:

1-create medical departments and auxiliary departments.
2-Definition of Contracting Parties and Regulations
3-Enter the names of doctors, specialists, and nurses.
4-the introduction of prices and the rates agreed between these entities.
5-Supplier Entry, Purchase methods, and Procurement Orders.
The patient is received in the reception section and his data is encrypted from the name, function, address, card number, companions and detailed data.
A ticket is made for the patient and has the services provided to him at reception. Therefore, the improvement is exited or the patient is transferred to another party or a ticket is made for the patient.
On the entry ticket, the patient’s data of blood type, length, weight, an hour of entry, doctor of treatment and department are completed. And so on.
Through the Hospital Management Program, Al-Faisal can work in storage for each department and issue items from it to patients.
A special pharmacy can also be made to supplement the program by which the medicines are dispensed to the patients.
This pharmacy can also be an external pharmacy and is handled through the accounts statements.
Room movements are entered for patients so that the patient is moved from room to room.
With the price difference between the two rooms, this difference is entered on the patient’s invoice.
Reports issued by the Hospital Management Program:
1-provides reports of the items or services provided to the ticket during a period or during the patient’s detailed and total stay, or services provided by a particular department or a particular party.
2-detailed and overall reports on patients during a given period.
3-Reports on purchase orders or add and issue permissions for sections.
The hospital management program allows many users to be treated. Each user has a number of permissions set by the general administrator of the program so that the user only deals with the department or screen that must be handled and is not allowed to enter other domains or departments, thereby reducing the chances of errors that may occur with others.