School Management System Program to save time and money!!!

What is the school management program?

A central learning environment for educational institutions where the school community is set up to be fully equipped and information is readily available to all parties to the learning process, providing a smart academic platform for easy use and access for all: Students, teachers, administrators, parents.
It has a rich environment for education, communication, and exchange of knowledge and experience to be available to participate anywhere and
any time.

What is the school management program?

A general control panel to manage the school management system in a smart way, where all the contents of the control panel are neat and designed in an easy-to-use, easy-to-view manner.
What services does the school management program offer? Store all information about users; in the case of students, the program will be responsible for managing basic student data as well as detailed data: Title, telephone, covers the information of teachers, administrative staff and employees.

The School Management Program manages the financial affairs of the school, student activities at the school level, the management of the different payment methods, the payment history and school meeting dates.

The school management program provides detailed reports on all departments, courses, student performance, reports covering administrative and educational aspects and gives expectations of future user performance.

The school administration program allows the recording of buses to students, track their times and participating students, and link them to the mobile application so that parents can follow the bus.

The school management follow-up and evaluation of students, continuous education and modern management of the educational process remove all obstacles to education for all parties, especially for the staff of the school administration, and the school management program is designed to ensure that the success of any educational process begins to be managed in the right way and that satisfies all parties in a way that meets their needs and requirements as quickly as possible in more productive ways.

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The school management program