The importance of the school management system program as an effective tool in active education

What is the school management program?

General Description: The aim is to automate the work of educational centers and schools and to ensure communication between all the details of the learning process, where each party in the school management program has a user name and password that enables them to communicate and learn all the information that they are concerned with according to the authorities given to them by the system manager through a public control panel, and the system contains a sophisticated database that operates according to a high-level security system and copies a daily reserve to maintain the system. And complete the data that is available in it.

Why should you download and use the school management program?

The system of the school administration program takes into account all administrative requirements, depending on the different educational establishments and the basis on which they depend.
Available in English and Arabic.
3-dynamic and easy to handle for all users.
4-does not require specific computer specifications.
5-User powers can be easily modified by the School Management Program Manager.
6- you can work on it for an unlimited number of users with options available for this command.

What are the benefits of using the school management program for the education system in your organization?

The School Management Program is based on the provision of services to:

Education Facility Manager:
It provides complete information on the work of each teacher on the plant on an ongoing basis.
Full knowledge of the work of every employee on the premises on a permanent basis (Supervisors – Social Guide – Treasurer of Library – Treasurer …etc.).
Keep student and parents’ data so that they can be easily contacted if any property information is added.
Monitor communication between parents and teachers.

Communicate directly with the facility manager at any time with ease.
Communicate directly with supervisors and social workers with ease.
Find out when the school’s activities are scheduled.
Approve or reject participation in a school activity, trip, and more.
Ability to inform the school about student absence in an easy-to-handle manner.

The student was able to:
1-see the daily program and any modification if it occurs.
2-Examination results.
3-His daily duties.
4-Check the schedule of school activities if included by management.
5-See count of absence days

Know the allocation of quotas and see any emergency adjustment by management.
Know the details of the time, absence, attendance, holidays and monthly salary.
Direct contact with parents with details about the student (assignments, student-level , general observations . Etc.).

Library Secretary:
1-Archive All Library Content (Books – References – Dictionaries . Etc.).
2—organize lending and retrieval of books to students.
3-easy and flexible communications with management.
4-Notification of school meeting dates.

Warehouse Secretary:
Archive all the contents of the warehouse (materials management, classifications, and current transfers), manage school properties from curriculum books and general books and create an easy and flexible correspondence with management.

Organize and manage employee salaries, student payments, and communicate all information to school management easily and flexibly.
The Open Source School Management Program is an effective tool for all parties to the educational institution to achieve the highest level of education for students in an easy environment that is consistent with the developments of the current era, using intelligence techniques and open source software platforms to save time for all and overcome all obstacles and difficulties to the success of the educational process, as well as to reach the greatest fruit, which is the building of human beings

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