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What is the need for a school manager?

A school manager is necessary to provide leadership and management to achieve high-quality education by managing the education process and working to meet the individual needs of students, teachers and all employees so that all students can realize their full potential and gain the knowledge they need.

He is responsible for the educational department for providing vision, leadership, and guidance to the school, and for ensuring that it is organized and managed in a manner that will achieve its goals and objectives.
By working with others, the manager is responsible for evaluating school performance in order to raise standards and ensure equal opportunities for all.

It is also responsible for the development of policies and practices, ensuring that resources are used effectively to achieve school goals and managing the school’s day-to-day affairs in administrative and managerial terms.

The foundations of successful school management:

1- belief in the importance of the individual and the ability to give.
2-Good planning, organization, coordination, follow-up, and evaluation.
3- Making decisions on school employment policy in a scientific manner.
4-Successful knowledge of the climate and activities of the educational process.
5- to identify the difficulties encountered in working within the school and the ability to create intelligent solutions to it.

The fast technical solution for successful school management:
Using modern teaching techniques to teach produces better results, compared to traditional methods in the school environment. Integrating information technologies and ensures the student’s ongoing and permanent participation in the search for knowledge, materials, and resources.

The work of educational establishments and schools is automated, and communication between the learning process is ensured, as each party has a username and password that enables it to communicate, familiarize itself with and work on the full information it is concerned with in accordance with the authority given to it by the system manager, which ensures that the effort and time spent by the school administration are greatly reduced through a general, easy-to-use control panel. The system contains an advanced database that operates on a high-level security system and performs a daily backup to maintain the system and the entire data it has.

Services provided by the School Management Program:
The system is based on providing services to:
The Director of the Educational Facility.
5-The Library Secretary.
6-Warehouse Secretary.

It provides complete and detailed information on all aspects of the learning process from students, teachers, employees, and administrative staff and helps to connect all users together
The modern school administrative system gives us another advantage and is saving time, as another aspect of the basics of managing work accurately and in a standard time, which is important for success, especially in a world where the technology revolution in all its aspects is taking place.
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